About me

I am half Norwegian and half Ghanaian, and grew up outside Oslo, Norway. After high school, I started studying Civil Engineering at NTNU, but I later changed my major to Robotics. In 2019/2020 I became a Fulbright Scholar and spent a year at MIT taking graduate classes in robotics and control, a truly transformational experience. The following year I completed my Master's Thesis project where I, together with my good friend Paal, built a quadrupedal robot.  The month after I started my PhD at Caltech in Control and Dynamical Systems where I am currently working. Outside robotics, I am passionate about animal welfare and education for underprivileged kids.

Awards and Scholarships

EAS Scholarship | Caltech | 2021

As part of my admission to Caltech's Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences I received the EAS Scholarship which has provided me with valuable funding and professional opportunities.

Aker Scholarship | Aker | 2021

Aker Scholarship supports Norwegian top talents so that they can learn from the best in the world - regardless of family and financial situations. I received an Aker Scholarship to do a Ph.D. in Control and Dynamical Systems at the California Institute of Technology. 

SINTEF Scholarship | SINTEF | 2020

The SINTEF Scholarship wishes to strengthen the relationship between students and SINTEF. The scholarship aims to give financial support to master students in their pursuance of Technology for a Better Society. Paal and I were awarded the scholarship for our development of a torque controllable quadrupedal robot for our Master's thesis project. 

Fulbright Scholarship | Fulbright Foundation | 2019

The Fulbright Scholarships was made to build bridges between the United States and other countries through an academic setting. I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue higher education at MIT as a part of my Master's Programme. 

Janson's Legat | Janson's Legat | 2019

Jansons's Legat is a scholarship given to men and women who have proven themselves highly capable and who want to pursue further knowledge. Emphasis is put on people who also feels a strong social commitment and who want to contribute to society.

Contact:   aghansah@caltech.edu   |   (626) 365-2299